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Buying Koi For My Aquaponics From Bruce At Ushijima Nishikigoi

My 300-gallon aquaponic systems in my front yard have been cycling for several months now [...]


Solar-Cooked Sweet Potatoes Recipe

My family eats sweet potatoes on a regular basis. We throw them whole (skin and [...]

Raising Hawaiian Gold Tilapia In My Aquaponics System In Hawaii

Most people in Hawaii starting off on aquaponics are going to go with tilapia, which [...]


Solar-Cooked Russet Potatoes Recipe

This is going to be a short post because cooking potatoes in a solar cooker [...]

Solar-Cooked Clam Chowder With Portuguese Sausage Recipe

I’ve been using my basic solar cooker setup for about a week now and I [...]

How I Built My Basic Solar Cooker Setup

Now that I’ve been growing my own vegetables and raising tilapia and catfish, I’ve been [...]

Solar-Cooked Hard-Boiled Eggs Without Water Recipe

I’ve recently been very interested in the idea of solar cooking. That is, cooking with [...]

The Survivor’s Guide To Living In Hawaii

I’m on a journey to make my own food and live sustainably here in Hawaii [...]

Why I Don’t Raise Walking Catfish Anymore In My Aquaponics System

Raising walking catfish (Clarias Fuscus) in my aquaponic systems was an experience. Like tilapia, they’re [...]


How I Grow Big Daikon In My IBC Aquaponic Systems

Mom has been growing daikon (white radish) for many, many years right in our yard. [...]


Upgrading My Solids Filter To A Radial Flow Settler (Chop-And-Flip IBC Aquaponics)

I’ve had my two IBC chop-and-flip aquaponics systems for about half a year now and [...]

Growing Watercress In My 5-Gallon Aquaponics System

When I was first starting out with aquaponics, I decided to start small with a [...]

Growing Cocozelle Zucchini In My Backyard Aquaponics System

My brother Michael gifted my Mom and I with some heirloom vegetable seeds and I [...]

Growing Bok Choy In My Aquaponic System

One of the very first vegetables I started growing with my aquaponics system is bok [...]

Building A 250+ Gallon Aquaponics System In My Front Yard (Part 4 – Goldfish, Tilapia)

Finally, the fun part! It’s time to add some fish! When you research aquaponics, you’ll [...]


Freshwater And Saltwater Aquarium Fish At Coral Fish Hawaii

I made a visit recently with my brother Michael to Coral Fish Hawaii because I [...]

Building A 250+ Gallon Aquaponics System In My Front Yard (Part 3 – Lava Rock Installation)

Once the plumbing was all set up and working, it was time to fill up [...]


Building A 250+ Gallon Aquaponics System In My Front Yard (Part 2 – The Plumbing)

While I knew that I wanted a bell siphon system, at the time of building [...]


Building A 250+ Gallon Aquaponics System In My Front Yard – Thanks Dad! (Part 1 – The Foundation)

Hawaii shut down late March (I was also furloughed) and during the month of April [...]

To The Aquaponic And Hydroponic Nerds – Visit Mari’s Gardens

I was invited to attend a tour of Mari’s Gardens – Hawaii’s largest farm of [...]

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