Welcome To Hawaii!

Aloha! I’m Amy and this Hawaii blog is all about traveling and living in Hawaii from a local point of view. Join me as I explore the outdoors, visit attractions, eat at mom-n-pop shops, cook local dishes, and live sustainably my way on these beautiful islands I’m lucky enough to call home.

I’m so excited to share my life in Hawaii with you! I hope this blog gives you some fantastic ideas and inspires you to take advantage of wherever home is for you.

Aloha With Love,

Amy and Daisy at Aweoweo Beach.

Field Trip!

Me and the ever-skeptical Daisy at the beach.

“I love living in Hawaii and I hope Aloha With Love inspires you to explore your own slice of paradise…wherever you may be!”

Amy Fujimoto
Local Hawaii Girl

Hawaii Travel Tips

Below are several resources to help you start planning for your trip.

My Favorite Tours

Shop my favorite experiences at Aloha With Tours (my sister site).

Self-Guided GPS Audio Tours

The #1 Hawaii travel app that plays audio tours while you drive.

Book Hawaii Activities

Compare hundreds of Hawaii tours, activities, and reviews.

My Most Popular Posts

Below are my cornerstone posts that focus on Hawaii travel, life in Hawaii, and my recipe collection. Use these as a starting point for the topic you’re interested in.

Living In Hawaii

A hotpot of ways of how I live in Hawaii. Most of my posts center around sustainable DIY projects such as aquaponics and gardening, shopping at local businesses, and documenting my Mom’s cooking so I can refer to her recipes in the future.

Backyard DIY Projects

Aquaponics, solar cooking, gardening and other sustainable projects.

Everyday Life

Grocery shopping, local businesses, health, and the simple life.

Hawaii Recipes

I’m documenting recipes so I can stop eating and one day learn to cook.

Amy with a goat.
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