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Start Your Hawaii Vacation With A Fresh Flower Lei

(Full Disclaimer: I used to be a lei greeter!)

How To Make Your Hawaii Trip Epic!

The Hawaii Revealed series is a wonderful collection written by longtime Hawaii resident Andrew Doughty. They’ve got some great insider information and will help you get started on planning your Hawaii travel itinerary, especially if this will be your first visit to the Hawaiian Islands.

Latest Blog Posts

Get Your Feet Muddy And Wet At Manoa Falls

Hiking Manoa Falls? Here’s What You Need To Know

Aloha hikers, There are 3 hikes that almost every tourist in Oahu tries to hit: Diamond Head, Makapuu Lighthouse and Manoa Falls. Diamond Head has that gorgeous view (and let’s face it, it’s pretty cool

Why you shouldn't visit Hawaii in June.

Why You Shouldn’t Visit Hawaii In June

Aloha summer lovers, June seems like such a perfect time to come to Hawaii. And I won’t disagree with you on that – it certainly is! The weather is close to perfect, Hawaii’s rainy season

Ala Moana Center

Ala Moana Center Is A Shopper’s Paradise

Aloha shoppers! Ala Moana Center is always hopping with the latest trends and overflowing with fashion, technology, food, artwork, events, performances and that gorgeous Hawaiian weather! The mall is designed with an open-air concept that

Hanalei beach

Hanalei Beach, Bay, Town And Accommodation

Aloha and welcome to Hanalei. Can you imagine sitting on Hanalei beach and enjoying this calm sunset view? The Hanalei area is a quaint and very pretty spot that is perfect for relaxing and living

The Waimea Canyon Trail, Drives, Lookouts And Tours

Aloha! Although Waimea Canyon is nothing compared to the Grand Canyon in size, you have to admit – it’s still breathtaking. The Waimea Canyon trail offers gigantic and unbelievable views on such a tiny island.

Oahu budget

Oahu Budget – 7 Days At $50 A Day

I’ve been reading about Oahu budget trips and a lot of the blog posts out there say “visit the beach for free” or “take a walk and explore for free.” Well, of course you’re going

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

Turtle Town In Maui Is A Magical Place To Snorkel

Aloha Maui travelers, Turtle Town is why Maui is one of my most favorite islands in the Hawaiian Island chain. Not because of the magnificent Kaanapali beach, the magical Haleakala sunrise or the delicious local

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The Chang sisters reunion at Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden

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