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Aloha, I'm Amy!


Growing up in Hawaii is such a privilege and most people don’t realize how wonderful it is until they’re off the islands…which is exactly what happened with me! After high school, I packed my bags and headed off to Oregon, lived in Japan and Taiwan for several years and spent a lot of time in Thailand, South Korea and China. By the time I returned back home, Hawaii was a stranger to me, but a delightful one to rediscover.

I found myself always playing tour guide for my visiting friends. We went on tours, drove all around the islands, filled up on plenty of delicious food, and that was when I realized “wow, Hawaii is such a fun place to live!” So, I decided to write it all down!

These days, I still travel Hawaii and explore, but I also love to take advantage of Hawaii’s incredible year-round sunny weather. I’m constantly working on my backyard DIY projects such as aquaponics, hydroponics, aquaculture, gardening, and cooking! Join me as I work my way closer to 100% sustainability.

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Meet The Family


Once in a while, my “staff” make an appearance in my blog posts.

Lead Chef


Mom is originally from Taiwan and loves cooking, gardening, hiking, and feeding Daisy snacks. Many of her recipes are on this blog so that I can make them in the future.

Chief Engineer


Dad’s a Hawaii boy who is often behind the scenes helping me with my projects. He loves sailing, shopping on Craigslist, and making sure I stay safe with his tools.



My brother Michael pops up every so often to help out with my bigger DIY projects and cooking amazing meals. Some of his recipes are included in this blog, too!



This cute furball is a rescue from the Hawaiian Humane Society. She enjoys a life of leisure filled with fresh food, plenty of homemade snacks, and nonstop naps.

Want To Connect?


I welcome you with open arms! Do you have a shop, mission, tour, restaurant, or experience that you think would be a great collaboration or feature with the Aloha With Love blog? Send me a message and let’s chat!

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