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Manu O Ku Rescue: The Day I Rescued A Baby White Tern Chick

Manu O Ku are those pretty white birds that dance in pairs in Waikiki between [...]


My Budget DIY Raw Diet Recipe For My Dog When Living On Oahu

I recently wrote a blog post about my dog Daisy’s experience as I transitioned her [...]

Feed The Goats And Buy Goat Cheese At Sweetland Farm In Waialua

It seems to be goat season for me. Just last weekend I went for a [...]

Yoga With Goats And Chocolate Tasting At 21 Degrees Estate Cacao Farm

Yoga with goats, a mini farm tour, wellness workshop, chocolate tasting, and farm-to-table appetizers at [...]


Feeding My Dog A Raw Diet: Better Health & Quality Of Life

Daisy is a rescue from the Hawaiian Humane Society and she came to me with [...]


How To See Turtles In Hawaii

Swimming with turtles in Hawaii is amazing! My heartbeat kicks up but at the same [...]

Coastal Hike To Kiholo Bay To See Sea Turtles

Hiking to Kiholo Bay’s Wainanalii Pond is a neat little local gem on the Big [...]

Where To Snorkel With Turtles In Oahu

Unless you plan on holing yourself up in your resort room and not exploring outside [...]

The Guide To Whale Watching In Hawaii

After hurricane season leaves our shores, the days get shorter, the morning cool air lasts [...]

Don’t Pee On A Jellyfish Sting In Hawaii, It’s An Old Wive’s Tale

Let’s talk about a painful subject – jellyfish. Getting stung is NOT FUN. And many [...]

Turtle Town In Maui Is A Magical Place To Snorkel

Turtle Town is why Maui is one of my most favorite islands in the Hawaiian [...]

Turtles On Maui And Where To Find Them

Seeing turtles on Maui is such an amazing experience because they just give you that [...]


Kaena Point Hike Ultimate Guide – Bird Sanctuary

The Kaena Point hike is an easy, flat, sometimes muddy, usually hot, but rewarding hike. [...]


The Majestic Whale Watching Cruise By Atlantis Adventures

It’s January and time for me to get some Oahu whale watching in! The awesome [...]

How To Bring Your Pet To Hawaii

For many of us, our pets are not just family members – they are our [...]

Don’t Nono The Nene Geese In Hawaii

Nene geese may be “just birds,” but I grew up learning about these rare birds [...]

Do You Really Want To See Turtles On The Big Island?

It’s Science, Really… We all know that turtles are reptiles – there’s no question about [...]

How To Catch A Glimpse Of The Pueo

These Native Mysterious Birds Can Only Be Spotted In A Few Places I’ve seen the [...]

How To Stay Safe With Hawaiian Monk Seals

While Hawaiian monk seals can be cute and a fantastic photo opportunity, be aware that [...]

Diving in Hawaii

For those looking to dive, you have plenty of choices available to you. Hawaii has [...]

Have you seen the Gold Dust Day Gecko in Hawaii?

Geckos are a special childhood memory for me. In Hawaii, as children we’re taught that [...]

Makapuu Lighthouse Trail Is Easy With A Chance Of Whales

On the eastern most point on Oahu, you’ll find what I think is one of [...]

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