A Maui Bakeries Guide For Breads, Desserts, Pies And Cakes

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Maui is a wonderful place to be if you love freshly baked goods. I especially love my savory breads and an extra-sour sourdough will make me your forever fan. Many of Maui’s bakeries specialize in custom cakes for weddings and celebrations, so if you’re thinking of getting hitched on Maui, this list will be a great place for you to start your search. This list of Maui bakeries is constantly being updated so if you have a bakery that you think should be included, let me know!

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About Maui bakeries

I’ve tried to limit this Maui bakeries list to purely just bakeries. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants in Maui that have some baked goods, but unless if it’s an extensive menu, I’ve left them out; otherwise, this list would be too long! I’ve been to some of these bakeries and have included the link to my experience. If I haven’t been there or tasted their baked goods yet, then the link will take you to their website.

Bakeries in Kahului

  • Cook Kwee’s Maui Cookies: One of the original shortbread cookie companies in Hawaii that began back in 1981. You can buy some of their cookies at ABC stores.
  • Cravings Bakery: You know those awesome wedding cakes in magazines? That’s what Cravings Bakery is all about. If you have a special occasion coming up, definitely check them out.
  • The Maui Cookie Lady: Featured in several worldwide publications, this cookie shop only does shipping for their uniquely-named and equally unique cookie flavors. ButterRum Triple Chunker, anyone?
  • Pono Pies (aka Maui Breadfruit Company): One of the most unique Maui bakeries in my opinion. Their pies source local Maui breadfruit as the base and contain no sugar, flour or gluten, eggs, butter or dairy and are non-GMO.
  • Sweet On Maui: An awesome collection of celebration cakes, desserts and chocolates that will be perfect for any special occasion.

Bakeries in Kihei

  • Cinnamon Roll Place: While not a Maui bakery in the truest sense, I had to include this coffee shop in this post because they literally are the “cinammon roll place” on Maui. Expect giant-sized cinnamon rolls.
  • Maui Bread Company: If you’re into freshly baked bread, then this is the bakery for you. They have sweet, savory, Hawaiian artisan, German artisan, gluten-free and vegan bread options.
  • Maui Pie: It is pies galore at this pie bakery in Kihei. They have some of the classics, but you might be tempted to go for something tropical like cherry mango pie or lilikoi (passion fruit) cream pie.
  • Maui Wedding Cakes: Not only do they have a lovely taste testing and wedding/celebration cakes, but they also have a dove release ceremony service.
  • Sugar Beach Bake Shop: Everything runs out fast so get here early to avoid the long lines later in the day. Or, place your order in advance so you can pick it up at your convenience.

Bakeries in Lahaina

  • B3 A Beach Bunny Bakery: Chef Betty is an award-winning pastry chef that provides you with any kind of baked dessert you can think of. In addition to the usual cakes, cookies and pies, you can also expect more uncommon goods such as biscotti, scones, tarts, tiramisu…the list goes on.
  • The Bakery Lahaina: Around since 1979, The Bakery Lahaina has amazing donuts and has a wide variety of European pastries and baked delights.
  • Leoda’s Kitchen & Pie Shop: Leoda’s is more restaurant than bakery, but their popular selection of sweet and savory pies have earned them a spot on this Maui bakeries list.

Bakeries in Makawao

  • Ghiselani Designer Wedding Cakes: Gigi is one of the best on the island of Maui for beautiful cakes for your special day.
  • Maui Cookie Lab: An assortment of classic cookies that can be preordered and picked up at various locations around the island.

Bakeries in Wailuku

  • Donut Dynamite: If you’re into gorgeous and luxurious donuts that look like works of art, then a visit to Donut Dynamite is highly recommended.
  • Home Maid Bakery: A very popular bakery that local residents go to before their flight to another island. Their manju and malasadas are their bestsellers. What I really want to know though is how they got the idea of “Home Maid” for their bakery’s name. Tell me if you know!
  • Maui Macaroons: Macaroon fans need to visit this bakery especially since their tagline is “the island’s most amazing coconut cookies”!
  • Patticakes Bakery: Patti must have been born to bake because she has the perfect name for it. It’s a hole-in-the-wall shop, but her breads and cookies are amazing and some are sold in ABC stores.
  • Stillwell’s Bakery & Cafe: Great spot for breakfast, lunch and baked goods. The menu has high ratings and they’ve got all sorts of salads and sandwiches to choose from.

Other Maui bakeries

  • Cake Fanatics: Run by EmmaLee, you can get your specially-designed cake delivered to your event or even arrange for a dessert bar.
  • Coppa’s Maui Bakery: Instead of a physical store, Coppa’s specializes in delivering your freshly baked goods to your door. They have a variety of authentic Filipino, Portugese and Italian desserts and pastries.
  • Honolulu Cookie Company: Famous for their pineapple-shaped shortbread cookies, these are often gifted as party favors, presents during the holidays, or brought home as delicious souvenirs from Hawaii.
  • Krispy Kreme: There aren’t any Krispy Kremes on Oahu, which means local Oahu residents are always stopping by before their flight to bring home a box. Conveniently located right next to the Kahului airport.
  • Maui Cakes: If you have a creative vision for your cake that requires a lot of customization, Tori at Maui Cakes can walk you through the design process. They have design classes here, too.
  • Zippy’s: A local family restaurant chain that serves local dishes and is known for their Napoleon Bakery where they serve tasty cakes (perfect for birthday parties/casual special occasions) and a huge assortment of baked treats.
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