Koa Pancake House Is Serious About Mac Nut Pancakes

Koa Pancake House

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My visiting friend (Nori Mizukami – documentary filmmaker from NYC) wanted to try “Hawaiian pancakes” so I obliged him by taking him to Koa Pancake House. I haven’t been here in a while, but I’m so glad I decided to go! The pancakes were even better than I remembered and we fattened ourselves up pretty quickly.

I’m pretty sure more than half of my blog posts are all about food. While I apologize to my readers who want to see more hikes, beaches and bikinis, really, how do you expect me to resist? With all the yummy food here, I don’t understand how I’m supposed to not eat everything!

Aloha with love,

Koa Pancake House
Koa Pancake House

Koa’s Pancake House makes pretty awesome pancakes. They’re hot, fluffy, light and you can get really unique flavors such as macadamia nut, red velvet and the always popular strawberry cheesecake. They have both a short (3) and full stack (5) on menu so if you really love your pancakes, you’ll want to go for broke here.

This local chain restaurant is especially popular during prime meal times, so you may find it crowded when you get here. Luckily, they do allow takeout orders and you’ll see plenty of customers zooming in and out with their orders. Personally, I recommend eating here because hot breakfast food really can’t be beat.  The lovely butter they provide oozes away as it melts all over the pancakes and will make your mouth water. Koa Pancake House also closes early. At 2 PM as a matter of fact. So make sure you come in early enough to get your hot meal.

Local Tip: Guava juice is served here, which you really don’t see very often these days. Also, their coconut syrup is spectacular! Definitely make sure you give it a taste because where else will you get to try coconut syrup??

Koa Pancake House
Koa Pancake House

Pancakes aren’t the only thing Koa Pancakes House does well. I ordered the trio breakfast plate for myself, which came with my favorite bacon and sausage and also the ever-popular local breakfast meat – portugese sausage. With two over easy eggs and my choice of starch (of course, I went with pancakes), this easily filled me up and I even brought some pancakes home because it was just too much for one person to finish!

My friend (skinniest guy you’ve ever seen) for some reason decided to get the full stack of macadamia nut pancakes and managed to eat 3 and we took the other 2 home. He actually forgot to take them with him when I dropped him off at his next filmmaking assignment and I ended up eating them for breakfast the next morning – sorry, Nori!

Koa Pancake House
Koa Pancake House
Koa Pancake House
Koa Pancake House

I actually decided to write this post because of my awesome Facebook fans who went crazy over this butter-sliding FB post I did. A big mahalo to everyone who liked, commented and shared!

Local Tip: If you decide to do takeout, make sure you ask for your coconut syrup! Or you’ll end up with plain, old regular maple syrup…what a bummer, right? Maybe?

Are You A Foodie?

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