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The Majestic Or Star Of Honolulu Sunset Cruise?


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The Majestic or Star of Honolulu - Which Cruise to Choose?

Viewing Waikiki as a panoramic view from the ocean is an awesome experience. But how do you decide between the two main sunset cruises that leave from the Aloha Tower pier? I actually used to work in this industry and while both cruises offer similar packages, they are also surprisingly different from each other in a few areas. Here’s my opinion of both to help you make that decision.

The Majestic is a new ship by Atlantis Adventures, which used to run the now retired Navatek. The Majestic is beautiful inside and has a lounge/bar feel to it that’s pretty neat. They’ve also updated their entertainment and there’s more of an air of authenticity to it than most hula performances you see in Hawaii, which is great.

What’s really great about the new ship are the windows! They’re incredibly large and much better than what was on the Navatek. There are also quite a few standing tables outside so cruisers can enjoy the sea breeze, fantastic view and their drink!

I recommend this cruise for couples, groups and even company buyouts since it’s possible to reserve the whole ship and get that feeling of intimacy. While young children can still have fun here, the open bar, lounge and standing tables may not be suitable for very young children.

The Star of Honolulu is impressive. The ship carries the most people and you may have a difficult time fitting the whole ship onto your camera screen. The food is the best on The Star if you buy a higher priced ticket with wonderful service. Keep in mind that The Star will have the rockiest ride on bad-weather days and you shouldn’t ride this ship if you get sea sick easily.

With such a large ship, The Star of Honolulu is impressive and their available services are sure to surprise you. If you are planning a marriage ceremony on board with the captain, I prefer the Star of Honolulu’s ceremony because of the privacy that’s available (The Majestic is either right in front of everybody or outside where you can hear the engine no matter where you stand).

The biggest drawback for me in comparison to The Majestic is when you see whales or dolphins. Because the ship is much larger, you’ll be higher (and farther) away from seeing these beautiful sea creatures.

I recommend The Star of Honolulu for any couples, families, groups and young children as the atmosphere is suitable and fun for all ages. And if you prefer privacy, then the pricier tickets will create that intimate cruise experience.

If you’re looking for a private sunset cruise for a large party on a catamaran and are in Kohala, Big Island, then this private experience may be what you’re looking for. The best part is the open bar! And if you have the money, it’s perfectly acceptable to reserve the boat for just a few people as well.

If you’re looking for whale watching cruises on the other Hawaiian Islands, here’s a great list of different tours offering a variety of fun excursions.

I have two favorite islands for whale watching – Maui and the Big Island! Beautiful coastal views and even hikes where you can see the whales jumping around and having the time of their lives.

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