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The Easy List of Maui Waterfalls


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Beautiful Waterfalls In Beautiful Maui

Maui has some of the most gorgeous waterfalls of all the islands and they are especially plentiful on Hana Highway. I am always amazed with every Maui visit because you usually need to exert some effort in order to see a waterfall on Oahu. These are some of my favorites waterfalls on Maui that are easily accessible.

Twin Falls

Short walk through a beautiful garden to two waterfalls and its pools. It’s right near the 2nd mile marker at the fruit stand.

Alele Falls

Lovely hidden waterfall that only takes about 15 minutes and some rock hopping. Very few people come here so more than likely you’ll have the whole place to yourself.

Lower Puohokamoa Falls

This steep trail is closed, but you can still get a great view at a scenic point about 1 mile after mile marker 10 on the Hana highway.

Driving along Hana Highway? You’ll find that most directions are done with the mile markers that seem to appear randomly on the side of the road. Make it a group effort to find them because they’re easy to miss.

An Extra Hana Highway Tip

If you’re making your way through Hana Highway, you’ll definitely see some waterfalls during your drive that are also fun and impressive. Most of them are near the hairpin turns, so be sure to park your car out of the way to allow other drivers to pass by safely.

Local Tip: Often times the best parking is AFTER the waterfall. There’s often a pullout where you can safely park your car and walk over to see the waterfall.

Hana Highway Fun

Mini-coach bus tour: Don’t want to worry about where to park your car or the hairpin turns? This drive will let you relax and enjoy the view.

Private tour: Fantastic tours perfect for families and small parties. These private tours are customizable and are catered to what you want to do.

Easy to moderate tour: If you’re looking for something easier (no killer hikes, please), then this tour is one to consider because it’s also way cheaper.

Limo-van and helicopter tour: Travel in style as you make your way to Hana and explore Haleakala by helicopter.

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