Top Radio Stations with Island Tunes Tip

Hawaii radio stations feature plenty of Hawaiian music.

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Makaha Sons, Kapena, IZ…

Immerse yourself in Hawaii’s unique musical culture by turning that radio dial to one of our fabulous Hawaii radio stations. Each station is unique and most can usually only be heard on one specific island. The best part of is that our island music is easy on the ears and is perfect for Hawaii’s slow ‘n’ easy island time.


105.1 FM – Hawaiian 105 KINE – Hawaiian music that’s chicken soup for the soul.

98.5 FM – Island 98.5 FM – A spicier version of 105.1 featuring cool reggae beats.

100.3 – KCCN FM 100 – Great mix of both reggae and Hawaiian hits.

Maui and Molokai

93.5 FM – KPOA 93.5 FM – Great collection of Hawaiian contemporary music. West side listeners (Lahaina and Molokai) can tune in to 92.9 FM.


98.9 FM – KITH Island 98.9 – Features both reggae and Hawaiian hits.

Extra Tip: The big thing in Hawaii is traffic – the morning and afternoon rush hour. Be sure to tune in so you can plan a traffic-free day. You can also search for #hitraffic for current tweets about what’s happening in traffic.

My Tunes

Just in case you’re wondering, I listen to 101.1 FM KORL Hawaii’s oldies station. Dad only played oldies growing up and since then I haven’t stopped. It’s a wonderful station and golden oldie fans will notice that locals have a different taste when it comes to oldies music. Many local favorites were not big hits on the mainland, most likely due to us being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

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