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I'm Amy! Let me help you plan your trip to Hawaii!

I’m a 5th generation local Hawaii girl who loves to travel the world…and my island state! I like to eat local food, hike with my adopted dog, fish with my Dad and explore Hawaii like a tourist. If you’re planning a Hawaii vacation, I want to help you make it a perfect trip!

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Book fun activities like whale watch cruises to helicopter rides at Hawaii Activities. They’ve always got a bunch of discounts so they’re worth checking out. The iVenture and Go Oahu cards are also fantastic deals where you get access to the most popular activities for a discounted price. Great for first-time visitors!

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Luau giveaway

First Giveaway Ever – Paradise Cove Luau For 2

Update 10/1/17: Congratulations to winner Debbie! She and her travel companion will be coming to Waikiki, Oahu in February 2018. Mahalo for participating and stay tuned for future giveaways! Will You Be The Winner? (If

Koa Pancake House

Koa Pancake House Is Serious About Mac Nut Pancakes

My visiting friend (Nori Mizukami – documentary filmmaker from NYC) wanted to try “Hawaiian pancakes” so I obliged him by taking him to Koa Pancake House. I haven’t been here in a while, but I’m

Okinawan Festival 2017

Okinawan Festival 2017 Was A Blast!

This past weekend was the Okinawan Festival and my visiting friend from NYC, documentary and filmmaker Nori, wanted to check this extremely popular festival out before his late night flight back home. I haven’t gone

Only One Hour In Waikiki With So Much To Do!

My friend Nori from New York (originally from Japan) shoots documentaries for a living and he happened to be in Oahu, Hawaii working on a documentary about tandem surfing. He was shooting the whole time

My Escape to Coconut Island

Coconut Island in Hawaii? There are actually two Coconut Islands, but this time I went to Kaneohe Bay in Oahu for an educational visit. Should you go? Definitely! You’ll learn a lot and the island

Iao Valley State Park

Iao Needle Is Taller Than What??

The Iao Needle in the Iao Valley State Park is one of Maui’s most famous landmarks. It’s a lush and green area in Wailuku with a beautiful rainforest showcasing a variety of plants that came

Akaka Falls

How To Really Have Fun At Akaka Falls

Akaka Falls Akaka Falls is one of the Big Island’s most famous waterfalls measuring at over 400+ feet. If you’re spending time on the Hilo side of the Big Island, you may want to put

Iolani Palace tours are one of the best historical tours you can have in Hawaii.

Iolani Palace Tours Let You Walk Where Royalty Once Stood

Aloha everyone, Iolani Palace tours will be loved by history buffs, museum lovers and architecture analyzers. As the USA’s only royal palace, it’s certainly a unique experience since standing where royalty once lived and breathed

Alii Mushrooms from Hamakua Mushrooms

Melt-In-Your-Mouth Big Island Delicacies

For Those Living The Foodie Lifestyle You’ve probably already seen the tourist brochures boasting the best shave ice, plate lunches and loco mocos in the state, but what about for the Big Island? Hawaii Island

Nene goose

Don’t Nono The Nene Geese In Hawaii

Aloha birders, Nene geese may be “just birds,” but I grew up learning about these rare birds that were endangered and native to Hawaii. In our culture, we have a great respect for them and I am

Going Crazy For Papayas

Once when I was abroad, a friend and I landed on the subject of papayas and she mentioned how in her culture papayas are known as “the poor man’s mango.” I remember thinking, “what?!” –

So How Many Rainbows Will You See In Hawaii?

The Rainbow State, rainbow license plates, Rainbow Drive-In, University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors…there’s a reason why rainbows are a part of our culture. With our tropical weather, constant rain and bright sunlight, Hawaii is the

Midsummer Night’s Gleam at Foster Botanical Garden

Foster Botanical Garden in Honolulu had its annual summer illumination event and it was spectacular! Despite having grown up here, I’ve never made it into this downtown botanical garden because 1) it’s in crowded downtown

Shipwreck beach in Lanai.

Help! I’m Shipwrecked On Lanai!

Get your drones and big lenses ready because this will be an amazing sight to capture. The YOGN 42 (Liberty ship) is a remnant from World War II and local guides will tell you that

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The Chang sisters reunion at Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden

Travel Hawaii is a fabulous community for anyone planning a Hawaii vacation. Meet veteran Hawaii visitors, local islanders and first-time travelers who can help you plan your perfect Hawaii trip. Have a question about Hawaii hikes? How about unique ideas for your wedding in Hawaii? Or perhaps you’re an adventurous foodie who is looking for that special hole-in-the-wall shop? Get access to valuable and free Hawaii tips so you can travel Hawaii safely and without worry.

How To Make Your Hawaii Trip Epic!

The Hawaii Revealed series is a wonderful collection written by longtime Hawaii resident Andrew Doughty. They’ve got some great insider information and will help you get started on planning your Hawaii travel itinerary, especially if this will be your first visit to the Hawaiian Islands.

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