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Oahu’s Best Stand Up Paddle Board Beaches


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SUP and Beauty

Not every beach in Oahu is safe for stand up paddling and each beach offers different views of the island. Here are my top favorite spots for SUP in Oahu that offers fantastic views and have relatively calm waters for paddle boarding. Remember to always check the weather report before you head out and to always SUP with a partner for safety.

Get a first class view of the North Shore by heading from Sunset beach to Waimea bay and back. But, definitely do this only during the calm summer months – huge swells hit the North Shore during the winter and a number of surf competitions are held here.

Kailua beach, Lanikai beach and the Mokes is probably the #1 local spot for SUP.  The waves are usually gentle, the white sand is gorgeous and the variety from Oahu to the tiny islands will keep you busy all day.

Kualoa regional park and Chinaman’s Hat is gorgeous and you can even go with friends to have a beach party (and even a BBQ!) at Chinaman’s Hat. Hammerhead sharks are often seen in this area – in fact most of them are born in or near Kaneohe Bay.

Extra Tip: If you do see a Hammerhead shark, you’ll notice they are a very dark grey – totally different from the light grey ones in the aquarium – they tan just like us!

If you’re a beginner, then Magic island and Ala Moana beach park is the way to go. There are plenty of lifeguards and although there are tourists on the beach, there aren’t so many where SUP fans paddle. Plus, the view of Honolulu is fantastic here and the chance to see rainbows is higher!

Another great place for beginners is around Haleiwa Harbor and in front of Haleiwa beach park. A lot of this the area here is protected naturally and by stone walls, so the water is usually incredibly flat.

Extra Tip: You can also SUP in Anahulu river here, which will add another 30 min to an hour to your SUP trip. But the best part is in the water – you’ll see a lot of Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles hanging around here. In fact, some will be curious and may just come right up to you! Don’t touch them though as it’s against the law.

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