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Natural Snorkel Mask Defogger Tip


The 3 Ways Locals Defog Their Masks

I was lucky enough to grow up in Hawaii with friends and family who often went spearfishing and hunting for tako (octopus) or fish. If you find that your snorkel mask is fogging up, try these defogging tips. Tip #3 is my favorite!

Some of us carry toothpaste with us to keep our masks from fogging up, but that can get messy since we usually leave them in our cars – I can tell you from experience that toothpaste gets gross in a hot car.

And when we remembered to bring everything but the toothpaste? That’s when we’re taught by the adults to just spit in your mask and rub your saliva around. A little weird for some of you, but it seems to work in a pinch.

Then there’s the third option – the Naupaka plant grows wild all over Hawaii’s shores and you’ll often see locals heading to the plant to grab a leaf or two to smash and rub against the inside of their goggles. This plant has certainly made my day a time or two! Try it and let me know how it goes!

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