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Hawaii Starbucks Secret Menu


Visit a Hawaii Starbucks

The next time you’re in a Hawaii Starbucks, try requesting any drink with “Thai Walls.” In addition to the usual milk selections that are available on the mainland, Hawaii Starbucks will have sweetened condensed milk, which is a popular topping and ingredient for many local desserts. In fact, you’ll probably see it most often on all of the shave ice menus statewide.

If you visit any local Filipino restaurants while you’re here (there are some really great ones because of the strong Filipino population here), keep your eye out for the condensed milk if you’re looking for a sugar rush. The topping is commonly used for desserts.

A Fantastic Tropical Hawaii Starbucks Recipe

My favorite tropical drink? Iced venti black tea, no classic syrup, no water, with raspberry, orange mango and Thai walls. How’s that for a tropical drink at a Hawaiian Starbucks!

Starbucks In The Honolulu Airport

If you’re a fan of Starbucks’ destination mugs, Hawaii has their own mug each year that you can certainly purchase. However, don’t run yourself ragged like I did visiting every Starbucks near my home just to get 5 of them. The Honolulu International Airport’s Starbucks (gate 12 and 60) have plenty – and the last time I checked, the price was the same!

An Extra Hawaii Starbucks Tip

Coffee fans will know to get their dose of Kona coffee while in Hawaii, but with the name “Kona” becoming a brand name itself, many coffee companies have been labeling their coffee incorrectly in order to get a piece of the pie. Recently, Ka’u coffee is becoming extremely popular and a few staunch followers claim Ka’u coffee is even better than Kona coffee. You’ll have to try it out yourself – just know that Ka’u coffee made it to the Starbucks Reserve spotlight. You can find Ka’u coffee in select stores, but you’ll have a better chance on the Big Island.

“Thai Walls” is also my favorite topping for shave ice. But if you haven’t eaten shave ice before, you may be surprised by the huge selection of flavors! Eating shave ice is a perfect time to try some local flavors that you won’t find anywhere else such as lychee, lilikoi and even li hing mui. Click here for my local shave ice combos!

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