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Aloha, I'm Amy!

Hey there! Planning a trip to Hawaii and want to read legit articles not written by a travel agency? Looking for authenticity and an honest, local opinion? Living or moving to Hawaii and want some cool DIY projects to work on? I might be the local girl you've been looking for!
Aloha With Love is where I share my Hawaii explorations, hobbies, life, and home projects with interested readers around the world. So if you like what I do, sign up to stay updated and let's explore Hawaii together!

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About me and Aloha With Love

Growing up in Hawaii is such a privilege and most people don’t realize how wonderful it is until they’re off the islands…which is exactly what happened with me!
After high school, I packed my bags and headed off to Oregon, lived in Japan and Taiwan for several years and spent a lot of time in Thailand, South Korea and China. By the time I returned home, Hawaii was a stranger to me, but a delightful one to rediscover. I found myself playing tour guide for visiting friends and it was so much fun to see my home from their eyes.
Aloha With Love initially began as a Hawaii travel blog from a local point of view. While visiting other countries, I learned that most locals really didn't "travel" their hometown. I decided that would be a shame to happen to me considering I lived in Hawaii!

Eventually, I decided to evolve Aloha With Love and include my lifestyle. I like working on DIY projects, fishing, shopping for good deals, and learning how to cook my Mom's recipes — all of which you'll find in this blog.
If you have a particular topic that you think would fall under the purpose of this blog and aren’t finding what you want to know online, send me a message and I’ll see what I can do. Please have fun and I hope to hear of your own travels wherever they may be.

Aloha with love, Amy

Aunty Sandy

AKA My Mom

Mom is originally from Taiwan and loves cooking, gardening, hiking, and feeding Daisy snacks. A part of Aloha With Love is dedicated to documenting her dishes (Hawaii Mom Cooks) so that my brother and I can continue to cook and eat her homemade meals far into the future. She's most proud of her garden where she's managed to squeeze in 15 fruit trees, along with several vegetable grow beds.

Uncle Owen

AKA My Dad

Dad's a total Hawaii boy and island hopped all over the islands growing up. He retired in May 2020 and spends a lot of his time in his mancave planning out his sailboat and van builds, taking apart synthesizers and keyboards bought off eBay and Craigslist, and making sure I don't electrocute myself when I work with electrical DIY projects.


AKA My Brother

Michael pops up every so often in my blog helping out with my bigger DIY projects and cooking amazing meals for us (he got Mom's talents in the kitchen). I'll be documenting some of his recipes in the Hawaii Mom Cooks section. Let me know if you like his cooking style!

Daisy The Rescue


You'll see this cute furball photo bombing all the time since she loves to follow me around the house. Daisy was a rescue from the Hawaiian Humane Society who came with a load of health problems and was severely underweight when we got her. Now she never misses a meal and she gets plenty of snacks all day. Her nickname is "monk seal" (courtesy of Dad) since she likes to lie down and not move all day.

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Things To Do

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Stop At Mahaiula Beach After You Arrive In Kona

Drive north from Kona International airport (KOA) for 20 minutes and you'll reach the first beautiful white sand beach in North Kona. Mahaiula Beach is one of three white sand beaches in Kekaha Kai State Park and it's a...

Hike To Makalawena Beach In Puu Alii Bay

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Kua Bay Is The Gorgeous Beach That Has Everything

If you're looking for azure waters and velvety-soft white sand, look no further. Kua Bay is a spectacular sight and as perfect as a postcard. For those arriving into Kona International Airport (KOA) and looking to hop right into...

Kekaha Kai State Park’s 3 Magnificent White Sand Beaches

Kekaha Kai State Park is so much more than just 3 white sandy beaches - although that's already setting the bar up pretty high! You've got a couple of options when you visit Kekaha Kai State Park. If you...

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